Overdyed Canvas Face Mask
Overdyed Canvas Face Mask

Overdyed Canvas Face Mask

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Medium weight cotton, reusable double layer masks with behind the head elastic. Made in Philadelphia, PA! 

Design Details: 

-Double layered cotton. Prewashed Overdyed Canvas fabric faces the exterior and exterior. Easier to wash and more durable than other fabrics.

-Headband elastic : doesn’t tangle or pull hair

-Behind the head design : fits more sizes than over the ear design and doesn’t pull on ears. Elastic is angled on corners to properly hug face. 

-No Wire: we have been hearing that interior wire designs start to to rust after several washings because the materials being used at this point and time are makeshift bc of shortages of proper supplies. We took out the floral wire we were using before and added an extra pleat for better fit.

- Elastic color and interior lining color will vary from piece to piece.

-Print or Overdye pattern placement will vary piece to piece.

To wear: Shorter Elastic goes to the base of your head, longer elastic hugs the crown of your head. See video to see best practices.

Care: Although mask materials have been prewashed, we recommend washing your mask upon receipt and washing often. Washing machine gentle cycle or hand wash will do the trick. Low heat for dryer or air dry to protect elastic. Do not iron elastic! It will melt. Don’t ask how I know. 

Some best practice info to keep in mind (credit : reformation) :

 -Wash your hands before putting on your mask and after removing it.

-Make sure the mask fits snug on your face without any gaps.

-It’s still best practice to not touch your face when wearing this or other masks. Try not to mess with it once it’s on.

 -frequently wash your mask. It is machine washable. Sanitize by using oxiclean or diluted bleach.